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We are experts at data analysis and the visual display of information.


Our original and comprehensive custom planning process will guide you from articulating the problem you are trying to solve, to identifying key stakeholders, to conducting evaluations of the programs you implement.

The methodologies we employ include surveys; stakeholder interviews; focus groups; listening sessions; design charrettes; market, community and environmental scans; quantitative and qualitative benchmarking and best practices; program assessments; population modeling, mapping, and projections. We are experts at data analysis, the visual display of information, and the development of reports for a wide range of audiences.

We also help organizations effectively utilize data that they routinely gather on individuals in their community (e.g., students, employees, donors, members, residents). This includes activity data (event attendance or donor data), personal data (demographic information), and feedback comments. This information can supplement standard methodologies for a richer and more functional database.

DP is certified as a Women-Owned Business in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and nationally through WBENC. DP is also certified as a DBE in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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