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Our focus is data-driven aspects of decision-making and assessment.


What We Do

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Demographic Perspectives provides custom demographic, survey, and market research services for higher education, non-profit and business clients, for real estate developers, and for public agencies.

We design and conduct research and planning projects making use of interviews, focus groups, surveys, population analysis and modeling, economic analysis, benchmarking, off-campus residential housing and market studies.

Results are used to address policy research questions on the business, academic and physical sides of planning.

Architects constantly make decisions based solely on anecdotal evidence and our own intuitions or preferences. I have no doubt that any project and every client would benefit from the type of unbiased analytical data Demographic Perspectives can provide.

John Martin, Principal, Elkus Manfredi Architects

How We Do It






Focus Groups


Market Analysis

The methodologies we employ include surveys; stakeholder interviews; focus groups; town meetings; design charts; market, community and retail scans; quantitative and qualitative benchmarking; population modeling, mapping, and projections. We are experts at data analysis and the visual display of information.


Data Visualization

Demographic Perspectives helps clients make sense of data through graphic visualization—using design to create easily understandable tables, charts, infographics and more.


A sampling of industries, organizations and project types that Demographic Perspectives has completed to date.

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We are researchers by training. We share our passions for trends, data visualization, and data-driven planning processes regularly on LinkedIn and Twitter, and through our presentations, webinars, and publications. See a sample of our reports and presentations here.

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