Data Visualization

It is becoming increasingly important to convey complex data in a compact and visually interesting way so that important information is easily accessible.

Data visualization is not a new phenomenon. Even before it was “cool,” statistical graphics were an important tool for displaying data in many different fields such as economics, medicine, and transportation. Rena had the privilege of learning from Edward Tufte at Yale when he first created the modern field of data visualization with the publication of his book, ‘The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.’

The art of making data beautiful has since been taking the world by storm, and data visualization experts and graphic designers are creating amazing data art, infographics and dashboards every day. The range of creativity truly is endless, and we are excited to see how it will keep progressing.

Below are some examples of data visualization that Demographic Perspectives’ staff have executed. In particular, we love to design summary infographics for final reports that can be reproduced at a high-quality resolution and used as posters or handouts.


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