Selected Projects

Graduate Student Housing
  To assess student demand and preferences for current and new housing, designed, managed, and analyzed web survey for leading university. Conducted companion interviews and focus group projects to test-market new apartment layouts, new neighborhoods for university-owned housing, and new transportation options. Partnered with architectural consultant. Consulted on survey administration and prepared custom data analyses, reports, and presentations. In response to new University housing priorities, survey later revised and re-administered.

Faculty Quality of Life and Housing
  Designed, managed, and analyzed web survey for leading university faculty on the impact of housing and transportation on faculty recruitment and retention. With architectural consultant, test-marketed building and unit features, price structure, and space requirements. Consulted on survey administration and prepared custom data analyses, reports, and presentations.

Cross-Institutional Comparison of Athletic Expenditures
  For the eleven college presidents of the liberal arts schools which form the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC), designed a methodology to compare athletic expenditures within the cultural context of Division III schools. Interviewed athletic directors and key staff members at each school to design a methodology to collect, analyze, and model data and prepare presentations for multiple types of audiences.

Guest Speaker on Survey Research at the Harvard Business School
  Regular guest speaker on survey research for Harvard Business School marketing class. Featured Subject of Harvard Business School Case Study. See Harvard Business School Case N9-505-059, "The Harvard Graduate Housing Survey." (

Developed Survey Assessment Tool to Support Grant for Bryn Mawr College
  Developed survey as assessment tool to support learning grant for Bryn Mawr College. Survey is now an integral part of the grant application and assessment report and has been repeated each year since inception.

Advisor to New Institutional Research Offices
  Made recommendations for office reporting structure and tasks, wrote job descriptions, assisted in hiring, training, and mentoring new staff, as needed, for Bryn Mawr College, Swarthmore College, Johns Hopkins University, Pomona College, University of Chicago, and the Berklee College of Music.

Featured Speaker for Advisory Committee and Faculty Senate of the University of Chicago
  Featured speaker for University of Chicago's College Alumni Advisory Committee on the rising expectations that undergraduates have about their academic and student life experiences at the College, and for the Faculty Senate on the important findings from an alumni survey.

Workshops and Instruction
  Regularly teach seminars: effective graphic presentation of data; theory and practice of focus groups.

Committee Support for Amherst College
  Committee support to the Amherst College Special Committee on the Amherst Education. Provided special analyses and interpretations of five years of Amherst and peer survey data.

Survey Support for Many Schools
  Many schools participate regularly in consortial surveys but do not have in-house staff with time to analyze and report on the surveys. Have provided overview and specialty survey reports covering many college and university populations: all students, the Freshman class, the Senior class, alumni, faculty, staff, and parents. (Also have designed many original, topical surveys. See examples above.)