Micro + More A Client-only Forum on Graduate Housing, with ADD Inc

Changing Societal Demographics: Perspectives and Strategies for Arts and Culture

Webinar: Everything You Need to Know About Focus Groups

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Sample Focus Group Invitation

Sample Focus Group Donation Card

Sample Focus Group Protocol

Webinar: Data-Driven Decision-Making for Nonprofits

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One-Page Project Brief

Planning Tale

Comparison of Staffing Options

From Data to Decisions: Smart Analytics for Student Services, Presentation at Eastern ACE Conference, May 2013

International Graduate Students on our Campuses: Numbers and Needs in Cultural Context, Presentation at SCUP-North Atlantic Conference, May 2013

Primer on Data-Driven Decision-Making

SCUP Campus-Space Conversation on Campus Housing

Trends in Undergraduate Student Housing: Process and Product

Trends in Student Housing: Process and Product, Presentation at Northeast ACUHO Conference, June 2012

Trends in Student Housing (Undergraduate and Graduate Housing)

Essential Steps for Web Surveys: A Guide to Designing, Administering and Utilizing Web Surveys for University Decision-Making, AIR Professional File, No. 102, Winter 2006.

Lessons from the National Study on American Jewish Giving; Connected to Give: Key Findings; Jewish Research Review Series, No. 1