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Quotes from Clients:

"Cheskis-Gold was an ideal person to study this important area of concern."
- Nell Booth, Executive Assistant to the President, Bryn Mawr College

"Just finished reading your report. GREAT! It draws a pretty clear picture of our market that will be of interest to potential development partners. In addition, it describes what we need to work on with others to create the ambience needed to make the newly developed area an attractive place to live, work, etc. I am excited about your presentations on Thursday."
- Rebecca Barnes, Director of Strategic Growth, President's Office, Brown University

"It's great to know that there is someone with your excellent skills available when we need them."
- Joseph Greenberg, Registrar, Princeton University

"The discussion went well and it is clear that your meetings were very helpful to people. I, for one, found the report very helpful, and I think the format is just what we needed.
- Richard Fass, Vice President for Planning, Pomona College

"I have read the Cheskis report with interest and feel it is definitely on target."
- Gary Burton, former Executive Vice President of Berklee College

"On our own, we generated interesting data, but you provided us with actionable data."
- Beth Shepard-Rabadam, former Assistant Director, Harvard Planning + Allston Initiative

"You didn't just throw the results of a study at people, didn't bombard us with data, but presented us with a unified analysis of university housing studies. Sometimes I find that people are great with presenting data but don't have the big picture in mind. You do! You are not merely a technician (though you are very technically competent); you also have the ability to theorize as well as the ability to see the practical implications of data."
- Christopher Hourigan, Director Of Institutional Research, University of New Haven

"Thank you so much for all of your work. It was nice speaking with you, but, even more, it was enlightening. We appreciate your time, your work, and your expertise. I look forward to our moving ahead together."
- Dr. Ora Horn Prouser, Executive Vice President and Academic Dean, Academy for Jewish Religion.

"We've been using a slightly modified version of your assessment tool for several years and incorporated some of the results from the survey into the grant. The most important outcome of working with you was the establishment of assessment as an equal component of all the programs / activities proposed."
- Peter Brodfuehrer, Professor and Chair of Biology, Bryn Mawr College